The Holch Company has been producing inert gas welding torches and their spare parts ever since the early seventies. By acting market- and future orientated we managed to become a high-performance manufacturer of inert gas welding torches. Today our motivated employees do not only produce for the German market, we also deliver our goods to welding suppliers throughout Europe.

Over the years we created several types of MIG-MAG as well as TIG welding torches. By constant development of improvements, we have managed to keep up with the ever increasing demands on the market, as well as to steadily increase the quality of our products. In order to be able to offer our customers a consistent quality on our spare parts, we do not only carry metal machinery and special tools in our production facilities, but also a wide range of injection molding tools as well as compression molds to produce thermoset and thermoplastic parts.

After almost 35 years, the founder of the company, Mr. Manfred Holch sold his business to his employee for many years, Mr. Juergen Michel. Mr. Michel has been in the business since 1978, lastly as proxy holder and for more than 20 years responsible for all technical and organizational matters.

On April 13th, 2010 the company was renamed to “Holch Schweißbrenner GmbH”

Holch Bühlstraße 14


In order to satisfy the always increasing demand for our products, we moved to our current location in Siegen in 2012, to be able to produce in much larger producing facilities.






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