Attachments for liners and spirals

HSN 995    HSN 994



Holch RAUCH extraction torches for automatic use

HSN 986   HSN 987



Handle with heat protection shield

Heat protection shield


Reparaturen   ULTRA Drahtführung


Connection system for machines with FSC socket

FRX Anschlüsse


RAUCH Absaugbrenner



Holch MIG-MAG cooling systems

HSN 961 englisch  


Kir Royal-ceramic gas nozzle now avaiable for SR 17-TW, SR 18-TW und SR 26-TW

   HSN 962  


Components for a machine-side connection fit Cloos

Anschluss passend Cloos  


An overview of our current MIG-MAG torch types


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  • HSN_938



  • HSN_818A
  • HSN_818B




The new K-series of our RAUCH fume extraction torches equipped with an extra narrow suction nozzle for hard-to-reach welding areas


Bild mit Murmeltier in den Bergen

  • LSU_FRX_400g+FRX_500g
  • LSU_FRX_5000w+FRX_4000w



All torches are developed and produced in Germany

  • LSU_15-CLOU+15-SUPER
  • LSU_Mini+25-AD-Super
  • LSU_Mikro_21+Mikro_201
  • LSU_HH-34+HH-304
  • LSU_35-D+401-18-D
  • LSU_LURCHI+Rocket
  • LSU_312+Manni
  • LSU_353+32
  • LSU_BOBs
  • LSU_501-SUPER_kurz_und_lang
  • LSU_60+Konsul-600
  • LSU_61+Konsul-601
  • LSU_Yeti+Senator

Extra anders


New in the Holch MIG-MAG torch range




In 2019, Holch Schweißbrenner GmbH invented a double-walled handle for Holch fume extraction torches.


RAUCH Isolierschale


A  one mm wide air gap is formed between a precision-made inner shell and the inner RAUCH handle.

The stady air in this gap provides an unprecedented thermal insulation.

Even at maximum load and extreme duty cycle, the reduction of the temperature to the outer handle is outstanding.

Long and comfortable welding with the excellently balanced, light weight and handy Holch fume extraction torch is not affected by annoying heat in the handle area.




Get The Best   MHS RAUCH-450-SC   our top model

  • Get_The_Best_1200


Modular switch unit for Holch Ratio-handle suitable for TEDAC torch control available shortly:

  • TEDAC_Platine


RAUCH fume extraction torch now also available for welders with CLOOS central-adapter:

  • Knickschutz_RAUCH_Cloos


Approved technology, new models with screwable gas-nozzles:

  • HSN_907_englisch
  • HSN_899_englisch
  • HSN_911_englisch
  • HSN_903_englisch
  • HSN_895_englisch


Kir Royal ceramic gas nozzle fits WIG torches 9-TW / 20-TW:

  • HSN_882-2
  • HSN_882


Flexible welding, even in tightest corners with our Lurchi:

  • HSN_888


Smoke extraction torch with adjustable smoke suction nozzle and air slide:

  • HSN_861_englisch
  • HSN_919_englisch
  • HSN_867_englisch
  • HSN_864_englisch
  • HSN_918_englisch
  • HSN_870_englisch


The perfect smoke extraction is achieved by the handle which has been designed specially for our fume extraction torch. The optimal calculated air inlets, perfectly aligned to the suction tube with its 6 suction ducts guarantee an exceptional fume extraction result.

  • HSN_879-1


Adapter for gas- and watercooled TIG torches:

  • HSN_808


MIG-MAG handles – modern, easy to handle, light in weight, for all applications with or without balljoint.
Unique Holch design:

  • HSN_825
  • HSN_826


New TIG-Handles with balljoint and 4 different, exchangeable switch modules:

  • HSN_832